Looking for a Car Accident Lawyer in Naples? Trust the Experts

An unexpected car accident is always a headache to deal with.  Managing insurance policies, exchanging contact information, filing claims and the list goes on. Not to mention if the other party is not willing to cooperate, you may find yourself frustrated and fed up with it all. This is why you need a car accident attorney. Let the experts at Cardillo Keith Bonaquist help you understand what you want from a car accident lawyer in Naples FL.

Car Accident Lawyer in Naples, FL | CKB Law

A lawyer who knows the numbers

Here in Florida, we are one of the top states in the country for car accidents, injuries and sadly fatalities. In 2020, the FLHSMV (Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles) recorded over 300,000 registered drivers in Collier County. For those 300,000 registered drivers, there was a recorded 5,400 crashes in 2020 alone. These crashes accounted for 3,000 injuries and 44 fatalities. These numbers are not to scare, but to inform. When choosing a car accident lawyer in Naples FL, choose someone who studies the numbers and can represent your case with the experience, respect and compassion you deserve. Here at Cardillo Keith Bonaquist, our numbers do not lie. We have over 45 years of experience obtaining justice for our clients in multiple practices, including personal injury.

A lawyer who holds others accountable

A major requirement for choosing a car accident lawyer in Naples FL, is choosing someone who is going to hold the other party accountable. You need someone that is going to make sure a negligent party is held accountable to you, both financially and legally. This accountability will make sure you do not lose out on work, wages, medical expenses, or anything else you are legally entitled to.

Car Accident Lawyer in Naples, FL | CKB Law

A lawyer who knows the law

The Sunshine State is unique in many ways, and the roads are no exception. In fact, Florida has a “no-fault policy,” which states that: if you are involved in a car accident, regardless of who was at fault, your insurance company will cover your lost wages and medical bills up to a specific amount. Although there is a “no-fault policy” you can still sue the other party if specific requirements are met. Requirements include permanent injury, loss of bodily functions, scarring and more. Here at Cardillo Keith Bonaquist we specialize in personal injury and accident law, and as such have a thorough understanding of applicable laws. For more information on Florida personal injury law visit our website.

A lawyer with experience

Cardillo Keith Bonaquist takes pride in our 45+ years of experience serving the Naples, FL area and its legal needs. After decades of experience, we know all the personal injury ins-and-outs. If you need legal advice pertaining to personal injury or car accidents in the Naples area, visit our website at ckblaw.com or give us a call at (239) 774-2229.