Guardianship Lawyers in Naples, FL

Let Cardillo Keith Bonaquist set up a Guardianship for you or your loved one

Guardianships and conservatorships are legal tools intended to provide care and guidance for either minors who are lacking parental care or adults who are unable to make their own decisions. When the court establishes a guardianship for a child, teenager or adult, another adult takes on the role that parents usually perform in that person's life. Legal guardianships for young people may be necessary because the child’s parents have died, are incarcerated, are incompetent or are unable to provide care for their children for some reason. Legal guardians have the authority to approve medical care, enroll the child in school, give permission for travel plans and manage the child's financial assets.

Legal guardians may be a grandparent or other relative or a non-family member, such as a foster parent. Guardianships are obtained through probate courts in Florida. Cardillo Keith Bonaquist can assist you in deciphering the necessary legal requirements and completing the required procedures to become a legal guardian.

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