Elder Law Attorneys in Naples, FL

Cardillo Keith Bonaquist are specialists in Elder Care Law

We face important decisions as we age. How to receive care, where to live, and what’s going to happen at the end of our lives are all daunting questions. Many of these issues involve legal considerations, which is where elder law attorneys come into play. Giving advice, making preparations, and advocating for the interests of our clients. Cardillo Keith Bonaquist advocates for the elderly and their loved ones.

As elder law attorneys, we handle a wide range of legal matters affecting older or disabled people, including issues related to health care, long term care planning, guardianship, retirement, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and other important matters.

In many ways, elder law attorneys are "specialists" due to our focus on the needs of older adults, which are often vastly different and much more specialized than the needs of younger adults. Not only can we handle important financial and estate planning matters, we also take care of day-to-day issues affecting the care of seniors, such as assisted living and life planning.

If you have been injured or have an elderly loved one who has suffered harm as a result of an accident or due to nursing home negligence or elder abuse, our experienced elder care attorneys are here to assist you in seeking justice. Our practice encompasses all areas of elder law and the rights of the elderly.

Our elder law attorneys can help with the following:

  • Discuss the importance of wills and estate planning, including planning for a minor or adult with special needs, probate proceedings, and more
  • Create a Durable Power of Attorney
  • Provide help with health care and planning, including long-term care options, patient rights, Medicare, and health care Power of Attorney
  • Financial representation including financial planning, housing opportunities and planning, income, estate, and gift tax matters
  • Guardianship: helping with the selection & appointment of a legal guardian
  • Locating long-term care facilities & managing assisted living costs
  • Explaining nursing home resident’s rights & filing nursing home claims
  • Drafting living wills or other advance directives

To learn more about how our probate, trusts and estate lawyers can help you with your elder care needs, contact us at 239-774-2229.