We solve Realtor Commission Disputes

When your commissions are in dispute, these Naples lawyers can help

In Florida, Brokers are faced with more and more disputes each and every day with sellers, buyers and co-brokers over commissions. A deep understanding of the law and how to take steps to protect your rights to paid commissions are essential. As a Realtor, you should have an executed written brokerage agreement with your broker.

That agreement should set forth the commission, the entity that is responsible for the payment of the commission, when that commission is earned, and define procuring cause and how disputes should be adjudicated. The Naples law firm of Cardillo Keith Bonaquist can help you draft these types of agreements and can also represent you should the need for litigation arise.

Unfortunately, in this day and age of shoddy business practices and business people, there are some involved in real estate transactions who will go out of their way to avoid compensating their licensed Realtor, despite extraordinary efforts that brought the parties together. On the other hand, there are occasions when a real estate professional seeks to hold a transaction hostage based on a demand for commission compensation that has not been earned.

We can help you when your real estate brokerage commission dispute involves:

  • A dispute over a real estate brokerage contract
  • A seller who won’t pay the agreed-upon commission
  • A broker or real estate agent from another firm

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