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Our Practice Areas

Handling Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Commercial Litigation, and Real Estate Law

Cardillo, Keith & Bonaquist is committed to providing the level of legal representation that creates a positive influence in our clients’ lives. We have a history of representing individuals and businesses across Southwest Florida that spans over 40 years. Our attorneys focus primarily on personal injury law, commercial law and business litigation, estate planning, and real estate law. We can address all of your legal needs with the skill and resources necessary to protect your interests.

Our Mission: To Protect Your Interests with Intelligence, Involvement & Integrity

Whether we are litigating on behalf of a small business, advising a large corporation, or representing an individual through a divorce or personal injury case, we uphold the principles upon which this firm was founded: intelligence, involvement, and integrity.

  • Intelligence is an essential quality to have in one’s legal counsel. Few matters are as complex as those that are legal in nature, and it takes experience combined with an ability to think outside the box to provide the most effective counsel. Our attorneys are dedicated to using their intelligence and creative thinking to help clients across Southwest Florida, and we have been doing so since 1975.
  • We are passionate about our involvement with our clients and our unique community. We recognize each case as unique and take the time to provide compassionate, honest guidance, along with aggressive legal representation to protect our clients’ interests.
  • Integrity is another quality shared by our lawyers. We are honest and have strong moral principles, which we apply every day to our practice. We believe in doing what’s right and use our knowledge and skill to help our clients through their legal difficulties to face brighter futures.

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