When to Hire a Business Lawyer | Don’t Wait or It’s Too Late

Oftentimes, business owners believe that the only time a business lawyer should be engaged is when facing a lawsuit.  In fact, business owners should work with a business lawyer from day one. Here are several reasons why. 

If you’re being sued, it’s too late.

If you wait to hire a business lawyer when you’re being sued, it’s too late. The problem has already occurred and all that’s left is the question of how much the court costs, attorney fees, etc. are going to cost. By working with a business lawyer from day one,  you can protect your business and prevent lawsuits, while saving money in the long run.

Business Law Attorney | Cardillo Keith Bonaquist

Lawyers are expensive. Won’t working with one before a suit be a waste of money?

Nobody wants to pay attorney’s fees. With that being said, the fees you pay to keep you out of trouble will always be far less than those you’ll face for wrongdoing on your part. Working with a business lawyer does not waste money, it can be a valuable asset.

Should I work with a small or big firm?

Deciding to work with a small or big firm will depend on personal preference. However, there are a couple of things you can keep in mind when vetting your options for business lawyers:

  • Larger firms tend to have more overhead and be more expensive
    • Over the last 20 years, lawyers have become increasingly specialized. Be sure the firm or lawyer you work with specializes in business law
    • Look for a firm connected in the community as they are often considered a  “powerhouse” attorney

What should I ask when interviewing attorneys?

When interviewing potential business lawyers, there are number of questions you should ask before hiring them. Don’t forget to ask yourself if the person you’ve interviewed communicates well, is the office conveniently located, and do you genuinely like the person? After all, you will likely be working with them quite a bit. Here are some additional questions you should ask when interviewing your potential business lawyer:

  1. How many years of experience do you have and in what areas of practice?
  2. Are you well-connected and established in my community?
  3. Do you have other clients in my industry?
  4. Are you a good communicator and if so, how do you communicate with your clients?

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