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Every company is unique in its values, practices, and ideas. These unique tendencies can often lead to disputes within a company or between another competing businesses. It is important to understand the facts and makeup of commercial litigation when settling a dispute. Here at Cardillo Keith Bonaquist, we take pride in over 45 years of commercial litigation experience.

Commercial Litigation | CKB Law

What is commercial litigation?

Commercial litigation is when a dispute arises in a business context. The backbone of any business is the trust between partnerships, clients, and employees. If this trust is broken in any way, commercial litigation may be required.

Types of commercial litigation

As experts in commercial litigation, we have extensive experience reaching resolutions in areas of:

Breach of Contract: Many times, companies or individuals do not fulfill their duties and/or responsibilities resulting from a contract or agreement. Commercial litigation may be the only option to force them to fulfill their duties or pay damages for their breach.   

Breach of Fiduciary Duty: When a fiduciary carries out a practice that is not in the best interests of their client, commercial litigation affords them the ability to hold them accountable for that breach.

Defamation, Libel, or Slander: False information can negatively impact a business. A party may seek legal action to stop the dissemination of false information and sometimes recover damages for the impact on one’s business. 

Purchase/Sale Agreements: Some people and/or businesses fail to comply with purchase/sale agreements, and in many cases commercial litigation may be required to recoup products or funds.

Trust the experts

At Cardillo Keith Bonaquist, we have over 45 years of commercial litigation experience in Southwest Florida. Our professional legal experts will assess the merit of your dispute and can negotiate a resolution. If you have any questions in regard to commercial litigation or are seeking legal advice, contact Cardillo Keith Bonaquist by calling 239-774-2229 or visit