Beloved Legal Assistant Susan Robinson Retires After 44 Years of Service

Susan “Susie” Robinson, Legal Assistant to John P. Cardillo of the Naples law firm Cardillo Keith Bonaquist, P.A., has retired after 44 years of service.

Susan “Susie” Robinson

“Susie Robinson has been the ‘Della Street’ of Perry Madison fame to our office for the last 44 years,” said Cardillo. “She was the most reliable, competent and thorough legal assistant one could work with.”

Cardillo noted Robinson’s impeccable work ethic and how she carried her office and case responsibilities with her long after office hours were finished. She often reminded him of tasks he had “to-do” and would follow up after that. Robinson took Gregg shorthand accurately and Cardillo always enjoyed Robinson’s ability to take dictation in front of the impressed client and produce the document in final form before the client left the office.

He also added “Susie took the time to train every single staffer who worked in our office, including some young lawyers. She always remained available and accessible to answer questions, guide them, give direction or tend to their personal problems while taking on office situations beyond her area of work,”

“Accuracy was paramount to Susie as was ethics and fairness. She treated clients so well that it made them feel that whatever their concern, they were in good hands. I and my office were most fortunate to have worked with Susie,” concluded Cardillo.

A fitting staff honor guard was held on Robinson’s final day before retirement which reflected the Cardillo Keith Bonaquist team’s appreciation, respect and high regard for her. When Robinson walked out of the office for the last time, the staff lined up in a dual column and applauded her as she departed.

Cardillo has been practicing law in Naples since 1972. Cardillo Keith Bonaquist is the longest continuing law firm in Naples.

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